Thai Hom Mali Broken Rice Dok Bua Brand

Fragrant, soft, and flavorful




Small broken jasmine rice from 100% authentic jasmine rice. When cooked, the rice gives off a natural aroma with balanced tenderness. It is suitable for making porridge.

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How to cook

The Mouth-watering Aroma and Tasty Rice

Fragrant, Soft, and Tasty Glutinous rice


Put 1 cup of rice into the electric rice cooker.


Rinse the rice only once and add 1.2 cups of water.

ปิดฝา กดสวิชต์ หุงจนสุก

Close the lid, press the switch to turn on, and wait until the rice is cooked.

พักไว้ อย่างน้อย 10 นาที ก่อนรับประทาน

Set the rice aside for at least 10 minutes before eating.

นำข้าวเหนียวแช่น้ำทิ้งไว้ 3-6 ชม.

Soak the glutinous rice for 3-6 Hours.

นำไปนึ่งใช้เวลา 30 นาที

Steam the rice for 30 minutes.

Congee with Shredded Chicken and Century Egg




Chicken congee with century eggs is a comfort food. It can be eaten as breakfast or a light meal at different times of day. Just put broken rice for congee and soup into the pot in the right proportions and mix well. After boiling, scoop the congee into a bowl, add slices of a century egg, shredded boiled chicken breast, crispy Chinese fried dough, ginger, spring onion and ground pepper on top. With these simple steps, a delicious breakfast is ready for you every morning.

Thai Hom Mali Broken Rice Dok Bua Brand

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