We are determined to be a domestic and international leader in high-quality rice products.

We understand and pay attention to details in every procedure, starting from the search for the best source of jasmine rice cultivation, then selecting only good rice varieties directly from farmers. We also place importance on customer care and always pay attention to customers and consumers’ needs. This makes Tong Hua Bua Yai one of the rice producers and distributors that can entirely control the production processes and details from the beginning to the end,  as if we were selecting the best food for family members.

International Standards

Every grain of rice must be processed with modern technology and gone through a thorough inspection process and quality control systems that are certified by international standards such as the BRC, HACCP, GHP, and HALAL.

Our Mission

To become a Green Corporation


Make the Utmost Use of
Raw Materials


Return to the Society


Renewable Energy
Power Plant

Policies For Best Quality And Satisfaction

We are committed to producing high-quality products with food safety through the constant improvement of our production process and personnel development, in accordance with local and international laws. We also have measures to manage risks in terms of food quality and safety.

Best-seller Rice

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