About us

From our starting point in 1957

Tong Hua Bua Yai Electric Milling Partnership Limited was established with the capacity of 40 tons per day.

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The expansion of the milling facility (2nd plant) was made with the capacity of 160 tons per day.


Tong Hua Bua Yai 1994 Company Limited was established with the capacity of 300 tons per day with the most advanced technology at the time.


Tong Hua Rice Company Limited was established for rice export.


The capacity was increased from 300 to 600 tons per day.


Bua Yai Bio Power Company Limited was established for electricity generation with the capacity of 7.5 MW.


The capacity was increased from 300 to 900 tons per day.


Established the 2nd electricity generation with the capacity of 55 MW.


Expanded packaging production capacity.


Tonghua Buayai's 30th Anniversary

Our Vision

Tong Hua Bua Yai is dedicated to improving skills and expertise, fostering motivation, and achieving remarkable outcomes. Personnel continuously enhance their capabilities to keep up with the evolving world. With high organizational morale, duties are fulfilled collaboratively, ensuring effective coordination to overcome obstacles creatively.


We begin the process with getting the rice directly from farmers, we source from the best paddy fields possible. Every single grain has to go through strict standard quality control and advance production processes with high technology macinery. The result is the rice in the best quality internationally.


Raw Material Receive

Raw Material Recieve

We have carefully sought out the best source of Thai Jasmine Rice and we buy the rice paddy directly from farmers. The grains have to pass through physical and chemical inspection before entering the whole production process in order to ensure the purity of the rice.

All the paddies are cleaned to rid of any impurities, then they are proceeded to the Dryer to decrease the moisture content before getting stored in hygenic silos.


Rice Mill

Rice Mill

Before milling, rice from silos is cleaned again before moving to a rice destoner and paddy husker and turned into brown rice and rice husk. The rice husk will become fuel for electrical generation at the BioMass Power Plant (Bua Yai Bio Power Plant).

The brown rice is passed to the most advanced whitener to become “white rice” and “rice bran” that will be used in animal feed plant and rice bran oil plant later.

The white rice is further moved through the polisher for shiny and transparent grains, then to the length grader to separated the broken rices.With the evolution in today technology, Tonghua rice is processed through the most advanced color sorter in order to get the most refined white grain, free from any impurities.




For quality assurrance, every grain of Tong Hua Bua Yai’s rice has to go through rice refining process, from destoning, polishing, sifting, length grading, and color sorting before being packaged.


Packing and Logistics

Packing and Logistics

The last step is packaging by a hi-tech autonomic machine, then all the finished products are distributed nationwide and across the world.

We Meticulously Carry Out Every Single Step to Deliver the Finest Rice to Your Table.