Knowing Rice

‘Thai rice’ is widely recognized as the best rice and is popular around the world, resonating Thailand’s reputation as the Kitchen of the World. The uniqueness of Thai cuisine is that the food must be eaten with Thai rice. ‘Thailand jasmine rice' is regarded as the most delicious rice because of its unique features that are both soft and sticky. It has a fine aroma and a mellow taste. Until now, Thai jasmine rice has been widely popular for a long time. – scroll down to see more.

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Weevils can commonly be found in agricultural products. When there are weevils in rice, dry the rice in the sun. After that, store the rice in a dry box or bag and close it tightly to prevent contamination from outside, or keep the rice in a sealed box in the refrigerator. This will help keep the product fresh for a longer period.

Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of vinegar, depending on the proportion of the rice you are cooking. Then add some clean water. The rice will become whiter when cooked and can last longer.

Using technology to store rice in cold temperatures helps maintain its quality and makes the 100% early season jasmine rice softer, stickier and more fragrant as if the rice had just been harvested.

The delicious rice varies, depending on personal tastes and preference. -- You can cook rice by following the instructions on the bag to have delicious rice according to Tong Hua’s standard, or you can adjust the amount of water as you like. If you want softer rice, add more water. If you prefer firmer and drier rice (less soft), reduce the amount of water as appropriate.

We provide a DNA test on every lot of raw jasmine rice we receive to ensure that it is 100% authentic jasmine rice and there is no rice contamination.

Storing rice in a dry place with a constant temperature will preserve the nutrients, vitamins and flavor of the rice for a long time.

Recommended Menu

Panaeng Pork Curry with Rice




Panaeng pork curry, a Thai curry with the delicious and tender taste of coconut milk, is many people’s favorite. It is not too difficult to cook. Start by pounding curry paste together and set it aside. Then, put the pork in a pot with coconut milk and simmer it until the pork is tender. Heat oil in a wok, add curry paste, stir fry until fragrant, then slowly add coconut cream. Continue to stir until the coconut oil rises to the top. Add the stewed pork, some seasoning, and mix well. Add spur chili peppers, Turkey berry and torn kaffir lime leaves, simmer until fragrant. Put Panaeng pork curry onto a plate and serve with delicious steamed rice.