“Thai Rice” has been known the world over as one of the best and most popular rice. In reflection to the widely recognized slogan of Thailand being the Kitchen of the World, Thai cuisine id best served with Thai Rice. Meanwhile “Thai Jasmine Rice” is renowned as one of the most delectable. Thai Jasmine Rice is very soft with a touch of gumminess, complimented by its mouth-watering aroma and pleasant taste, resulting in its long-standing popularity until today.

Thai Jasmine Rice is a variety of fragrant rice with light fastness, originated in Thailand. Being a rainfed rice, it can be grown only once a year. TheThai Department of Agriculture has announced it as the Kao Horm Mali 105 and Kor Khor 15 variety. The long-grain rice will turn long, slim, and shiny white after being milled. It has a small content of chalky kernels and once cooked, it becomes soft, mildly clingy and tender with a natural fragrance of pandan leaf.

High quality Thai Jasmine Rice can be found in the northeast of the country as it has tolerance of dry weather. Planted in the northeasthern region, the rice becomes sturdy and full-bodied with fragrance and pureness.