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It is known that tasty rice comes from proper cooking, therefore the proper method of rice cooking should be passed along so many can enjoy the pleasure of delicious rice. We would like to share the tips for cooking methods for each kind of rice here.

    Rice Cooking Method
  1. Fill measuring cup with rice exactly to the rim.
  2. Wash rice by cover it with water and drain.
  3. Fill water to the water-rice ratio according to the type of rice.
  4. Smooth the surface of rice in the container and put to cook in the electric rice cooker.
  5. Once the rice cooker finishes, leave for 15 minutes longer for a 1-litre cooker or 30 minutes for a 7- to 10-litre cooker.
  6. Be careful not to let the water drip on the rice when open the lid of the cooker. Use the rice ladle to stir the rice and the fluffy and soft rice is ready to serve.
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