“We meticulously carry out every single step for the best rice before it reaches you.”

‘Tong Hua Bua Yai’ is one of the rice manufacturers and sellers that can thoroughly control and monitor every detail in the production process, right from the very beginning to the end, making the whole process well controlled and monitored.

We begin the process with getting the rice directly from farmers, we source from the best paddy fields possible.. Every single grain has to go through strict standard quality control and advance production processes with high technology macinery.The result is the rice in the best quality internationally.

We have carefully sought out the best source of Thai Jasmine Rice and we buy the rice paddy directly from farmers. The grains have to pass through physical and chemical inspection before entering the whole production process in order to ensure the purity of the rice.

All the paddies are cleaned to rid of any impurities, then they are proceeded to the Dryer to decrease the moisture content before getting stored in hygenic silos.