We determine to be the leader in “high quality rice” manufacturing in Thailand.

With our determination to become the leader in “high quality rice” manufacturing, Tong Hua Bua Yai meticulously pays attention to every little detail in each step. From careful sourcing of the outstanding Thai Jasmine Rice paddy fields to thorough selection of the best rice directly from farmers, each grain is passed through high technology process and strict quality control adhere to international standards such as the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, GMP and HACCP. We make it our utmost priority to constantly take great care and close interest in customers and consumers. Consequently Tong Hua Bua Yai has become one of the rice manufacturers and sellers of who can monitor and control the whole process, from start to finish. We have handled our business as if we are carefully choosing the best food to cater for our own families.

We are especially confident that every single grain of our superior quality “rice” under the Lotus Trademark is very fresh and pure, and worthy of being the best authentic Thai Jasmine Rice to cater for everyone’s well-being for over 50 years.