Acquiring the Best Benefits from Raw Material
Tong Hua Bua Yai aims to be a very efficient organization in utilizing all resources to their best benefits, along with constant environmental preservation and improvement. For example, waste resulted from cleaning the rice paddies will be used in the making of compost soil. The company has actively engaged in planting and expanding green area every year. Rice husk is used as fuel for electrical generation. Additionally, ash is used for landfill for public use.

Returns to the Society
Tong Hua Bua Yai is also aware of its social responsibility and act upon it by supporting various activities, such as granting scholarship and building schools for better education, making donations for medical equipment for public healthcare, and setting up checkpoints and surveillance camera for community safety.

Power Plant
Bua Yai Bio Power Co., Ltd has operated in electrical generation business with 7.5 MW capacity, along with a pure drinking water facility, with its production fueled by rice husk from the mill. All the electricity generated will be circulated in our plants and the remainder is sold to the Provincial Electric Authority.